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Deborah Berry

Inspirational Speaker, Life and Spiritual Coach and Author Deborah Berry, guides you one step at a time through the dark side of any challenge into the light of hope, healing and direction. It doesn't matter what challenge you are faced with or trying to overcome her message and system will help you set yourself free.

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Deborah's Bio

Deborah Berry is a Australian author-producer of The Key to Life Discovery Process, Inspirational Speaker, Life & Spiritual Coach residing in USA. 

Brain Injury, PTSD and Healing

Deborah's inspirational discovery to live in divine balance. - following the death of her son and during her profound healing from a Brain Injury.

Client Testimonials

Deborah Berry is a phenomenon that should not be taken lightly or overlooked in any facet of psychotherapy. 

Deborah's Story

May your life continue to grow in Courage, Wisdom and Kindness... This is the first video I created introducing my inspiration to create The Key to Life Discovery Process.

Balance and You

Who Are You? Discover the secrets hidden within. Meet your soul on the most important journey of your life. The one about You.

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Monthly blogs: The extraordinary experiences surrounding your everyday. Discover how you can thrive in an ever-changing and beautiful world.

Deborah's Bio

Deborah Berry is a British-Australian author-producer of The Key to Life Discovery Process and Inspirational and Events Speaker, residing in America. Specializing in self-observational, practical and spiritual growth practices for transformation and healing. Her expertise was born from extraordinary adversity, learning to thrive after trauma, grief, injury and brain damage that spans over half a century. Deborah will simply touch your soul with her courageous passion and help you harness the life skills necessary to heal and bring balance to your body, heart, mind and brain - all discovered on her incredible journey to insight and empowerment.

Deborah’s story holds an uncanny fifty-year timeline revealing in every decade extraordinary life lessons and a unique message for healing. Her courage to overcome brain damage and the drowning-death of her son is a testament of faith, resilence and purpose. Deborah shares her experience both practical and spiritual, accompanied with valubale tools and techniques - how to rise above and beyond any challenge. With the softness and warmth of her soul she leads you through doorways of enlightenment. Discover the freedom paths of internal balance. Expanding the connection to the center of the soul's infinite presence.

Introduction to Brain Injury, PTSD and Healing

At the turn of the millennium, four years after a car accident (in Australia) I was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, PTSD and spine damage. Step by step I gained my independence and dedicated my life to create a self-help practical, holistic and spiritual program.  

Today I guide those who have survived extraordinary challenges, trauma and great loss to master the practice of divine balance, holistic wellness and ultimately discover their calling. 



Deborah Berry is a phenomenon that should not be taken lightly or overlooked in any facet of psychotherapy. Ms. Berry has an uncanny yet stupendous ability to reach into the minds of Veterans and getting them to face the horrors that they harbor from warfare and the struggle to re-ent society is head and shoulders above many of her peers. Veterans, like myself, who have been in her counsel sessions, have been immensely helped with face-to-face and video sessions. Her professional, ethical, and moral attitude will give veterans confidence is releasing the mental ills that they may feel no one can handle. Deborah has the ability to handle any issue a veteran is dealing with because she cannot only sympathize but she can empathize with the Veteran. Her personal losses and survival parallel those losses that veterans have faced, and upon a completion of a prescribed session with her, the veteran can adjust and move forward in their life.
I would put her up against any highly recognized Ph.D. person in the mental sciences. ***Pastor Watkins. M.Div, Former Marine. Special Divisions Trainer - Florida.  Watch  Video Testimonials

Deborah's Story

"The school of life is your teacher, change comes ready or not - the good, the sad and the extra-ordinary.  I become a life and spiritual coach by invitation. People came to me seeking clarity and direction. Why? I have experience. I relate, I care and I have formulated a system to help others empower and transform their own life. I have learned to not just accept life and its unrelenting challenges, I have learned how to love myself and appreciate the beauty life unfolds everyday."  

Balance and You

Who Are You? Transform Yourself!  "The Key to Life" Discovery Process was created over a lifetime study in search for healing through grief, trauma and the extra tough life lessons that challenge our very existence. 

Blog - A Human Experience to Thrive

This is a temporary link to Deborah's Blog "A Spiritual Reality." New site coming soon featuring blog, membership and downloads.

This is my gift to you: Please take the time for yourself to listen and watch the videos on this page. Time is precious and so is your life and the steps you take toward your own wellbeing and healing. 

The death of my son "Lee" was over 30 years ago, 11 years later on the annivery of his accident I was involved in a car accident, which left me with brain damage. There is nothing logical about such tragedies, making sense of it can seem near impossible. Suffering can consume you. It consumed me. On that horrific journey I was invited to see life and to know how to live in divine balance.


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